Department of Project Management

The constantly growing interest in the subject of project management resulted in the need to develop this field. At the Warsaw School of Economics, design activities were researched and developed by prof. dr hab. Michał Trocki at the Department of Management in Economy. As a result of the intensive development of project management issues, the Department of Project Management was established within the Department in 2005, then transformed in December 2007 into an independent Department of Project Management operating within the College of Management and Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics. 

Since 2003, the Department has published many titles, including the Project Manager Library – a publishing series of professional, specialized publications in the field of project management and related fields since 2009.

Scientific and professional knowledge were transferred to didactics. Project management issues are widely represented in two-cycle studies. Project management is a major in the 1st degree studies in Management. In the second-cycle studies, the specialization in Project Management and the Path in Project Management (inter-faculty specialization) were introduced.

In 2002, Postgraduate Studies in Project Management were established, which have been continued uninterruptedly until now.

In order to meet the growing requirements of the modern labor market by strengthening the position of its graduates, the Warsaw School of Economics, from the 2018/2019 academic year, has introduced a new field of full-time master’s studies “Project Management” to its educational offer.

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